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About us

At spod, we design for equality. We are a team of students from Utrecht who design and sell sustainable T-shirts with designs that express the nonsense of stereotypes in a lighthearted and humoroustic way. We...
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The Orgasm Gap: Explained What is the orgasm gap? The orgasm gap refers to the difference between sexual satisfaction of men and women. Specifically, it refers to the difference …Read more 16-05-22 The world of...
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“People should be more aware of all the different forms sex can take on, and that it can be so much more than just ‘penis in vagina’.”

“I have come across stereotypes about women with non-vanilla sexual preferences.”

“Sometimes it is stated that someone ‘fails’ if there is no orgasm, either for you or your bed partner. This might be seen as an unwritten rule which I disagree with.”