About the shirts

About the shirts

In our second line, we tackle stereotypes surrounding sexual pleasure and wellbeing. This subject can be seen as a bit of a taboo, which is exactly why it is important to talk about this topic. The design on our shirts can help to start this conversation. There are three designs, which all focus on different stereotypes. These designs were made in collaboration with the amazing Mans Weghorst.

call me dirty names, but not on the street

There are two sides to our ”call me dirty names” design. On the one hand, people should feel empowered to enjoy dirty talk, and whatever else might bring them pleasure. On the other, this design states that street intimidation is unacceptable. Unfortunately, street intimidation is still a big issue, which is why we want to put a spodlight on it. People should be able to do whatever they want in their bedroom, but should know how to behave in the streets so that others feel safe.

sex is play, we make the rules

Our ”sex is play” design challenges the stereotype that sex has to be serious and functional. Instead, sex could also be seen as a game where all participants have fun.  At the same time we also want to make clear there are rules to this game. By ‘’rules’’ we mean that all participants have to give consent. So while sex is meant to be enjoyed, we should all follow certain rules. Be sure to make the rules of the game clear between you and your partner!

sex is a journey, enjoy the ride

There are a lot of things that are enjoyable about sex. You could enjoy the foreplay, or intimacy of it as much as an orgasm. This is why our ”sex is a journey” design challenges the notion that sex should be focused only on achieving an orgasm. Even if there isn’t an orgasm, sex should never feel like a failure. This is why sex should be about enjoying the ride, rather than stressing about reaching a destination.


At spod we think it is important that our shirts are available for everyone. That’s why all spod T-shirts are unisex. They are not made for a specific gender and can be worn by everybody because they are available in sizes for all body shapes and types. Since there are no chemicals included in the production, the quality of the cotton is kept high. This means that your shirt is friendly to sensitive skin and won’t be easily worn down, so you can enjoy your shirt longer!


Do you care about gender equality but also want to consume responsibly? So do we. It is crucial for us that our products are being produced and sold in a sustainable and ethical way. Therefore, all of our T-shirts are GOTS-certificed. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and guarantees certain sustainable standards, for example that every shirt is made from at least 95% organic cotton or that there are no synthetic chemicals used in the production process. Want to know more about GOTS? Visit their website here.


Sustainable production is not only about environmental impact, but also about fair and human working conditions. That’s why the producer of the spod T-shirts is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. This Foundation is a non-profit organization that, together with other brands, strives for a clothing industry that offers a fair, safe and dignified working environment. This includes a living wage, no child labour, reasonable working hours, safe working conditions, no discriminations and legal labour contracts. Our producer received a score of 80/100 in the last annual check (2020).

Our first line

The theme of our first line was gender. We made three eye-catching designs that focused on confronting different stereotypes surrounding gender. This line was made in collaboration with the talented artist Chris Lisa Liefting. Unfortunately, these shirts are no longer for sale, but look below for the beautiful designs!


Do you prefer men or women? Umm, why would you choose. Our cherry design is about society’s expectation to choose which gender you love. Bisexuality is often misunderstood for not making decisions. [Bisexuality is not about cherry picking who to love. It’s about loving all berries.] Whatever flavor you pick, taste the love.


The David statue represents the “real man”. We try to broaden male representation because masculinity is ever changing. The windows represent various views of masculinity and open new perspectives. Real men, not set in stone.


We tend to assume that the leading positions of an organization are males. By doing so, women in leading positions are not always taken seriously, don’t receive the recognition they deserve or are not accepted as an authority. This disadvantages women in their career advancement because of a lack of examples to look up to. Let’s change it around.

You’re in charge, fire the stereotype.