About us

About us

At spod, we design for equality. We are a team of students from Utrecht who design and sell sustainable T-shirts with designs that express the nonsense of stereotypes in a lighthearted and humoroustic way. We shed a ‘spodlight’ on stereotyping and increase awareness of how they limit us in being ourselves but also in reaching equality of gender, race, sexuality – anything. At spod we are always looking for new stereotypes to break and are not afraid of tackling controversial topics. Our designs challenge you and the people around you who see your shirt to look beyond the status quo. Wear a spod T-shirt. Spread the message of equality.

Sustainable Development Goals and social entrepreneurship 

spod is a social enterprise, which means our main aim is to contribute to social and sustainable development. Our goal is to maximize our positive impact on equality by opening conversation about important and difficult societal topics and take into consideration other Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) while doing so. We contribute to SDG 4, quality education, and SDG 5, gender equality. We want to minimize our negative impact on SDG 12, responsible consumption and production, and SDG 13, climate action.

As a social enterprise it is important for us to be open about the impact we have on the world. Always feel free to ask us anything about your T-shirt or what spod stands for. Moreover, we strive to continuously improve, such as by having more positive impact on equality or reducing our climate impact.