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About your shirt

About your shirt


The David statue represents the “real man”. We try to broaden male representation because masculinity is ever changing. The windows represent various views of masculinity and open new perspectives. Real men, not set in stone.


We tend to assume that the leading positions of an organization are males. By doing so, women in leading positions are not always taken seriously, don’t receive the recognition they deserve or are not accepted as an authority. This disadvantages women in their career advancement because of a lack of examples to look up to. Let’s change it around.

You’re in charge, fire the stereotype.


Do you prefer men or women? Umm, why would you choose. Our cherry design is about society’s expectation to choose which gender you love. Bisexuality is often misunderstood for not making decisions. [Bisexuality is not about cherry picking who to love. It’s about loving all berries.] Whatever flavor you pick, taste the love.

Fair & Sustainable


Spod t-shirts are unisex: they’re designed for everybody and are available in sizes for all body shapes and types. Because the t-shirt is made of organic cotton that’s not been treated with chemicals, the fabric feel soft on your skin (also if you have a sensitive skin). Spod t-shirts have a flattering relaxed fit and are slightly heavy, so you can enjoy your shirt for a long time without wearing it down. 


Sustainable production is not only about environmental impact. It’s also about labour, working conditions and the way we deal with other people. That’s why the producer of the SPOD t-shirts is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. Let’s find out more about that.

Fair Wear Foundation

The Fair Wear Foundation is, unlike GOTS, not a certificate but a membership. The Fair Wear Foundation is a non-profit organization that, together with other brands, strives for a clothing industry that offers a fair, safe and dignified working environment. Members of the Fair Wear Foundation are continuously stimulated to improve their working conditions. Each year, members of the Fair Wear Foundation are being checked and scored. Only brands that have a score of at least 75/100 may say they are member of the Foundation.

What does a fair, safe and dignified working environment really mean?

The Fair Wear Foundation controls for various aspects of the working environment. For example: voluntary labour, a living wage, no child labour, reasonable working hours, safe working conditions, no discriminations and legal labour contracts. 

What does this mean for my SPOD t-shirt?

Our producer received a score of 80/100 in the last annual check (2020). A score of 80 makes our producer a leader amongst the producers of cotton! Of course there’s still plenty to improve (let’s strive for 100/100) and our producer is being stimulated to do so. What also makes us really happy: our producer shares our values when it comes to gender equality. Recently, they took part in a panel session about gender-based violence together with the Fair Wear Foundation. You can look it up here.


Do you care about gender equality but also want to consume responsibly? So do we. It is crucial for us that our products are being produced and sold in a sustainable and ethical way. Therefore all of our t-shirts are GOTS-certificed. Do you want to know what that means for your t-shirt and its impact on the world? Continue reading!

What do you mean, certified?

Certificates are used to express to what extent products meet sustainable production standards. Each certificate guarantees different standards or monitors in a different part of the production process. There’s a big chance you’ve seen the GOTS logo before, because it’s a well known and important one in the field. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. SPOD t-shirts have the GOTS Organic certificate: each shirt is made of at least 95% organic cotton. 

What does GOTS mean for my SPOD t-shirt?

First of all, organic cotton feels great on your skin, also when you have a very sensitive skin. GOTS has standards for the entire textile production process; from growing the cotton to producing the clothing items. For example, the cotton is grown without the use of harmful substances such as synthetic pesticides. Farmers need to deal with waste water responsibly, child labour is forbidden and once the items have been produced, 0 plastic hangers were used. 

How do I know for sure?

An independent accreditator checks whether the production chain of the clothing items meets GOTS Standards. It is possible to trace the cotton that was used in your t-shirt.

Is this the best we can do?

SPOD is a start-up that continuously strives to maximize social impact while at the same time minimizing our impact on the environment. The field of sustainable production changes and develops and we make sure we keep up to date. Most importantly, we want to be open and honest about our impact so you can make your own decisions.

Want to know more about GOTS? Visit their website here.