Diversity training

Diversity training

What is diversity? What does diversity look like within your organization? Is it really important for your organization?

At Spod we provide diversity training based on science and what is needed within your organization. Science-based training is fundamental for improving your diversity policies. Not all organizations are the same, so approaches should be gathered to your organization’s specific needs.  

For example: If your organization is bathed in innovation, other aspects of diversity are more interesting than when your company has to perform simple tasks as quickly as possible. 

Hi! My name is Sacha Visser, and I will be your trainer. I am a Master student in Organizational Psychology at the Utrecht University. Through my direct connection with the University and its professors, I’m able to gather the latest academic insights. With these trainings I translate the knowledge from scientific studies into practical and manageable levers for your organization. 

Our training program consists of two separate moments. The first training provides new scientific information and shows how you could immediately apply this to your organization. In the second training is a follow up where we reserve a time frame for any question you and your team might have.

The themes that are discussed in the first training moment are:

  1. The different forms of diversity at work
  2. The possible advantages and disadvantages of diversity at work
  3. Solutions and policy improvement of own organization from the participants themselves
  4. The types of conflicts that are more common in certain forms of diversity.
  5. A reading list and useful websites to get started with after training. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of diversity and how does it apply to your organization? How can the company where you work improve in terms of diversity, and what outcomes do you want to look at? To improve the diversity policy, what is needed and who is responsible for it?

After the first training you and your colleagues will have a plan to set up or improve your diversity policy, gathered in an interactive way.

In the second training, we repeat the agreements made in the previous training and see if the organization has been able to implement them. Repeated training moments are proven to be very effective. At the ending of the second training, depending on the situation, new agreements are made and/or achieved successes are celebrated. It is important that agreements are made about maintaining an up-to-date diversity policy. After all, it is a shame to let this effort go to waste.

Have questions arisen in the time between the training sessions or have situations occurred that need to be discussed? Was all the information that was provided in the first training clear?

What has already been implemented and what needs to be improved? What does it take to really do this in the future?

Practical information

The first training moment lasts 2.5 hours (break of 30 min included) and the second training moment lasts 1 hour. Both moments can also be extended or shortened in consultation. For the online version of the training, the maximum group is around 30 persons. This is because of the time calculated for the interactive parts of the training. This can be adjusted in consultation. For an offline version, the group size is subject to government measures. If legally possible and desired, a way can be found to make the training a real-life event. Furthermore, the training is offered in Dutch but is also possible in English.

But what does it cost?

Overview of training options and costs: 

Training momentDurationDateTraining locationNumber of participantsPrice
12 hours 30 min (including 30 min break)XOnline 10 -30200
21 hourXOnline10 -30100
TrainingmomentDurationDateTraining locationNumber of participantsPrice
12 hours 30 min (including 30 min break)X (during the week)On location (your organization)10 -30200
21 hourX (during the week)On location (your organization)10 -30100
TrainingmomentDurationDateTraining locationNumber of participantsPrice *
12 hours 30 min (including 30 min break)X (on weekends)On location (your organization)10 -30220
21 hourX (on weekends)On location (your organization)10 -30120

*The price difference is due to travel costs. On weekends there is no free (student) public transport.

For the organization (NOT per person) the total price = 300,-  euro**

** depending on the date.

Since Spod provides training courses that match your organization, it is nice to have contact about your organization’s wishes beforehand. If you are interested and want to know more, let me know via one of the links below. I would like to contact you.

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