Sex is a journey, enjoy the ride
Sex is a journey, enjoy the ride

Sex is a journey, enjoy the ride


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Shirt story: With this design, we emphasize the importance of understanding sex as a holistic interplay of various pleasurable, intimate and arousing experiences, not just a means to an orgasm. Although orgasms can be amazing, and we still have an orgasm gap to close between men and women, we stress on the importance of enjoying the journey of sex (whatever that might look like to you) and not only the destination.

Shirt details: This T-shirt is purple with a white and green design. The T-shirt is produced by Stella and Stanley and printed on by More Color. Stella and Stanley only works with 100% organic and GOTS-certified cotton and recycled materials such as modal and recycled polyester.

Size details: Because our sizes are unisex, they all are a bit oversized. If you like that, choose your ‘normal’ size. If you like it a bit more fitting, go a size down. If you like it even wider, go a size up.

Design credits: Mans Illustrations

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