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We are currently developing our second line of t-shirts, with which we will break more stereotypes around a different theme, sexual pleasure! Exciting isn’t it? Luckily you won’t have to sit and wait. To get yourself warmed up for our next launch you can already read our blog posts in which we will cover topics such as the orgasms gap, solo sex, and kinks. Keep a close eye on our socials to learn more about sexual pleasure and to stay updated on our next launch. We will be back before you know it with 3 new designs that will blow your mind. Stay tuned!

Our first line with the David, Cherries and CEO designs.   


The David statue represents the “real man”. We try to broaden male representation because masculinity is ever changing. The windows represent various views of masculinity and open new perspectives. Real men, not set in stone. 

The models in the pictures are wearing size M.


We tend to assume that the leading positions of an organization are males. By doing so, women in leading positions are not always taken seriously, don’t receive the recognition they deserve or are not accepted as an authority. This disadvantages women in their career advancement because of a lack of examples to look up to. Let’s change it around. 

You’re in charge, fire the stereotype.

The models in the pictures are wearing size S.


Do you prefer men or women? Umm, why would you choose? Our cherry design is about society’s expectation to choose which gender you love. Bisexuality is often misunderstood for not making decisions. [Bisexuality is not about cherry picking who to love. It’s about loving all berries.] Whatever flavor you pick, taste the love.

The models in the pictures are wearing size L.

About our shirts

  • 35,- per t-shirt
  • GOTS certified – Organic cotton
  • Unisex relaxed fit
  • The models in the pictures wear the CEO (Rose Clay) t-shirt in size S, the David (navy) t-shirt in size M and the Cherries (Natural Raw) in size L. Use the size guide if you’re unsure what size you prefer. 


The delivery costs for one t-shirt will be around 4,10. If you come to pick up your shirt in Utrecht City, you don’t need to pay delivery costs.We’ll keep you posted on when you’re welcome to pick your tee. Purchasing two shirts at once? the delivery costs are on us!